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Harvey is a great photo buddy!
Photo by Tim Zerkel

My name is Jody, and I have been a rabbit owner since 2008.From 2011-2019 I worked as a Health Associate at a local rabbit rescue in Van Nuys, CA where I was in charge of the shelter's bunny population (anywhere from 60-130 residents at a time), boarding bunnies and answering any questions the public might have had about rabbits in general. In 2017, I became an Educator with the House Rabbit Society, an international rabbit advocacy group based in Richmond, CA. My husband and I currently live in Southern California with 6 very spoiled and sassy bunnies.

The Bunnies

This website would not be possible without the help of the hundreds of rabbits I have encountered over the years. However, the ones with whom I have shared my home are the ones who have taught me the most.

Whoppy & Oso

Whoppy and Oso

These two half-brothers were my first two rabbits. I brought them home in the Fall of 2008 when they were barely out of baby-hood. I got to experience their adolescence, adulthood and senior care. They have taught me a great deal about bonding and behavior. Oso passed away on Nov 5, 2017. Whoppy passed away September 21, 2019.



I adopted Wilbur just a few months after I started working at the rabbit rescue. Wilbur was born with a defective left rear leg. It stuck out at a 90 degree angle. His previous owners had dumped him in a wilderness park when he was young, but a lady had rescued him and took him to the shelter. His leg was not an issue (except when he wanted to scratch his ear). He was a fluffy, easy-going guy, who got along well with both bunnies and people. He lived with Whoppy, Oso, Zoe and Emma. He passed away suddenly on September 11, 2015.



When I first met Zoe, I was still very new at the rabbit rescue. She came in as a 3-week-old unweaned sick baby. I was asked if I could take her home for a couple of days until another volunteer experienced with babies came back from vacation. I took her home and she's been with me ever since. I got a crash course on unweaned babies, hormonal and feisty females and a full-blown diva attitude. I have received both many bites and snuggles from Miss Zoe over the years. I just adore this sassy girl!



I adopted Emma in 2014, and she was bonded with Whoppy, Oso, Wilbur and Zoe in 2015. She admires Zoe, but did not have much use for the boys. She loves to communicate with a firm nip to both people and bunnies. With a large, off-center dewlap and unicorn ears, she has an appearance as unique as her personality. 


Photo by Dustin Yoder.

I adopted Joey in December 2017, after my husband and I fostered him for the previous 6 months. He has a great deal of energy and tries to run it off as much as possible. He's very fond of digging and rearranging sheets and towels. His mortal enemies are cardboard and any barriers put in place to keep him away from trouble. He was named after baby Kangaroos for a good reason. Currently, he is bonded with Zoe.


Photo by Dustin Yoder taken at BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center.

Diamond had arrived at the shelter in 2013. He had a spinal compression, which prevented him from using his back legs. I was his main caretaker for many years and made sure his quality of life was very good. He loved people. He lived with several other bunny friends whom he adored, and he got a lot of attention. In 2018, I decided to formally adopt him after the last of his companions passed away. A few months later he passed away from pneumonia.


Photo by Dustin Yoder taken at BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center

Roxanne came in to the rescue with her friend, Abbey, in Nov 2014. Abbey had serious dental issues which needed constant observation, but her older friend, Roxanne, was always in good health. After Abbey fell ill again in December 2018, I took both ladies home to give Abbey some extra attention. Unfortunately, Abbey passed away in July 2019, but Roxanne had already made herself quite comfortable in my home. My husband and I agreed to let her stay, and I brought home Poppy as a new friend for Roxanne. Roxanne was a beautiful tri-color Rex. Roxanne passed away June 16, 2020.


Photo by Dustin Yoder taken at BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center.

I first met Poppy in the Fall of 2012 after she was pulled from a local city shelter. She was always an easy-going rabbit. She was quite popular in the large bunny groups at the rescue, where she was always surrounded by a half-dozen of her best bunny friends. She started displaying signs of head tilt in 2016 and never fully recovered. Her friendly personality made her a favorite with many clients, volunteers and staff of the rescue. In July 2019, I took her into my house as a potential friend for Roxanne and to provide her any additional care required. In December 2019, she developed rear-end paralysis, but still lived a happy and full life until she passed away September 29, 2020.

Panda & Slimmy

Panda (front) & Slimmy

Panda came into my house as an unweaned baby in 2014 and she never left. She loves to sprint around the living room, binky on the couch and try to figure out the best ways to sneak in where she shouldn't to chew wires. She's a playful girl and has never met a treat she didn't like. 

Slimmy (aka Slim Jim) was found wandering outside alone during a brutal August heat-wave in 2013. He is blind in one eye and has neurological issues (which may or may not be congenital). He initially had some trouble adjusting to life at the rescue, so I had brought him home to see if he would respond better in a home environment. He quickly made friends with Panda (with no help from me), and the two had been inseparable ever since. Slimmy was probably much older than Panda, and he passed away October 1, 2019.

Cupcake and Sprinkles

Cupcake & Sprinkles (front) as babies

These two brothers entered my house as unweaned babies in 2013 after the rescue pulled them from one of the local city shelters. After they were neutered, they went back to the rescue to be adopted. However, no one seemed interested in these two beautiful boys, so in 2017 I decided to foster them permanently at my home. They enjoy binkies first thing in the morning, followed by serious nap-time until dinner. Sprinkles passed away from cancer on August 30, 2020. In September 2020, I bonded Cupcake and Panda together so neither one will be lonely.


Eddie sleeping on Poppy.

I first met Eddie in November 2012 at the rescue. He had been one of 45 rabbits taken in from a hoarding situation at a local horse stable. He was one of 15 white, red-eyed bunnies in that group. He had various health issues throughout the years, but eventually ended up at my house as a permanent foster in April 2020. At that time, he could no longer stand (although he really tried). He was paired up with two other disabled bunnies - Roxanne and Poppy. After Poppy's passing, he moved in with Cupcake and Panda. At this moment, the two able-bunnies have accepted him. My hope is that they will provide him with some bunny snuggles. I have since formally adopted him.

Forever Loved

I was providing hospice care to most of these bunnies. The time they lived with me seemed all too short. Their stories will be told later.

Kirby & Roxy
Photo by Kristina Driskill.
Photo by Dustin Yoder taken at BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center.


All photos on this website are used with permission. Many thanks to James Weygand, Dustin Yoder, John Borucki, Kristina Driskill and Tim Zerkel for the use of their photos.

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