Rabbit Rescues


Rabbit rescues are more common than some people think. Below are just a few. If you are interested in volunteering, donating or adopting or fostering a rabbit, please contact the rescue directly.

Important! If you are looking to re-home your bunny, please contact these rescues directly. If a rescue cannot take in your rabbit, please go to your local city or county shelter. DO NOT DUMP YOUR BUNNY OUTSIDE!! Domesticated rabbits do not have the survival instincts of their wild cousins. To give your bunny the chance of a home and a long-life, please go to a shelter.


Southern California

Bunny Bunch Rabbit Rescue (Montclair, CA & Fountain Valley, CA) Two locations - boarding, grooming services, adoption and educational classes. Mostly focuses on rabbits, but there are also some other small animals available for adoption (chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice).

BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center (North Hollywood, CA - House Rabbit Society (HRS) Chapter) Offers boarding, grooming services, adoption and educational classes. Focuses on rabbits, but will also board and groom guinea pigs. Physical and online store. 

Kribs for Kritters (Lake Elsinore, CA) Focuses on rescuing domestic rabbits abandoned in parks, schools, golf courses, hiking trails and other outdoor locations. Provides adoption services.

Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation (Los Angeles, CA - HRS Chapter) Works closely with Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) and their 6 locations, but primarily the West Los Angeles shelter. Mobile pet adoptions are held weekly, but their volunteers can be found in all 6 LAAS locations to educate prospective adopters. Focuses on rabbits, but will also help promote other small animals entering the city shelters (mice, rats, hamsters, etc).

Rabbit Rescue Inc. (Paramount, CA) Provides adoption, boarding, education and bonding services. 

San Diego House Rabbit Society (San Diego, CA) Provides support to other rescues and shelters, adoptions, boarding, grooming services and fun bunny activities, such as rabbit agility and bunny yoga. Also has as an associated satellite rescue (Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue) in Murrieta, CA 

Save SomeBunny Rabbit Rescue (Orange County, CA) Primarily takes rabbits who have physical and/or behavioral issues from the Orange County, Irvine, San Clemente, Dana Point and Mission Viejo shelters. 

VCAS Bunny Brigade (Ventura County, CA) This is not so much a rescue as it is a team of volunteers dedicated to helping rabbits within the Ventura County Animal Services shelters find their Forever Home. They provide advice, referrals and grooming services. They also have a physical store which helps raise medical care and treatment funds for those rabbits in need currently in the system.

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue (Pasadena, CA) Primarily works with senior and special needs rabbits. The primary focus is education and providing sanctuary for rabbits in the most desperate situations.  

Northern California

House Rabbit Society (HRS HQ - Richmond, CA)

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary (Stockton, CA HRS Chapter) 

Rabbit Haven (Santa Cruz, CA)

Sacramento HRS (Sacramento, CA - HRS Chapter)

Save A Bunny (Mill Valley, CA)


Alabama Rabbit Rescue (Birmingham, AL - HRS Chapter)


Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue (Phoenix, AZ)

Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary (Scottsdale, AZ) 


Colorado HRS (HRS Chapter)


House Rabbit Connection (serving the Connecticut and Massachusetts area - HRS Chapter)


Southeastern Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter (Newport, DE - HRS Chapter) 


H.A.R.E., Inc (Miami, FL - HRS Chapter)


Georgia House Rabbit Society (Atlanta, GA - HRS Chapter)


Bunnies United Network/House Rabbit Society of Illinois (Chicago, IL - HRS Chapter)


Indiana House Rabbit Society (Indianapolis, IN - HRS Chapter)


House Rabbit Society MD, DC & NoVa (Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas - HRS Chapter)


House Rabbit Connection (serving the Connecticut and Massachusetts area - HRS Chapter)

House Rabbit Network (operates in the New England area)


West Michigan Critter Haven (Grand Rapids, MI - HRS Chapter)


Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (Edina, MN)


Missouri House Rabbit Society (Kansas City, MO - HRS Chapter)

House Rabbit Society of Missouri, St. Louis (St. Louis, MO - HRS Chapter)


Las Vegas House Rabbit Society (Las Vegas, NV - HRS Chapter)

New Mexico

New Mexico House Rabbit Society (Albuquerque, NM - HRS Chapter) 

New York

T.H.E. Rabbit Resource (HRS Chapter)

North Carolina

Triangle Rabbits (HRS Chapter)


Buckeye House Rabbit Society (HRS Chapter)

Columbus House Rabbit Society (HRS Chapter)


Southeastern Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter (HRS Chapter)


Wisconsin House Rabbit Society (HRS Chapter)

Slimmy and Panda

International Rabbit Rescues


British Columbia

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy (Vancouver, BC - HRS Chapter)


Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue (Calgary, AB)

Archie's Angels Rabbit Rescue (Lethbridge, AB) - Specializes in feral domestic rabbits and rehabilitating them to be adopted out. Contact them via Facebook for more information.


Rabbit Rescue Inc. (Cambridge, ON)


United Kingdom

Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF)


AAE Conigli (HRS Chapter)


Fundacja Azyl dla Królików (Torun, Poland - they have an English Facebook page)


Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage (HRS Chapter)