Gifts for Rabbit Lovers


Need a gift for a rabbit lover? There are lots of interesting rabbit-themed gifts out there. A rabbit lover cannot help but accumulate a large collection of goodies. 

Tips: Rabbit rescues will frequently sell rabbit-themed t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing items. Sales support their shelter and rescue bunnies.

Although Easter isn't kind to real bunnies, the holiday is great for picking up lots of rabbit-themed items such as dishes, table cloths, napkins, bedsheets and clothing. Target and other large retailers are a great source.

Japanese markets are a great place to find rabbit-themed tea or sushi dish sets.

The Educated Rabbit Shop

Find cute shirts, mugs and tote bags here

Flat Bonnie 

Flat Bonnie (Los Angeles, California)

They make custom plushies, pens, jewelry, etc. They support local rabbit rescues and are the nicest people you'll ever meet!

Fat Rabbit Farm

Fat Rabbit Farm (Los Angeles, CA)

This wonderful couple was inspired by their real-life bunnies to create a magical world. The animated characters share their story through art, apparel, accessories and story books.

Art Work

doggiedrawings by Lili Chin (Los Angeles, CA)

This site is mostly for dog-lovers, but Lili Chin also has adorable drawings of cats, bunnies and other animals. You can get her artwork as posters, buttons, greeting cards, etc.

Rabbit Dandelion by Sophie Huddlestone

Sophie Huddlestone  (Leicestrshire, UK)

Sophie Huddlestone brings a distinct colorful style to her paintings. Bunny paintings and art prints can be purchased on the artist's main website as well as a bargain painting website. Pet portrait commissions and worldwide shipping are both available. 

Twilight Hare by Sarah Stribbling

Sarah Stribbling Wildlife Art (Lancashire, UK)

Sarah Stribbling creates highly detailed oil paintings and pencil drawings. She also does pet portraits and commissions. Worldwide shipping is available.

Mid-Century Modern Very Vertical Bunny by Suzanne Stiver

Fine Art by Suzanne Stiver (Buffalo Gap, Texas) 

Suzanne is currently enthralled with painting what she loves most - bunnies (wild bunnies, pet bunnies, portraits of bunnies, whimsical and artsy bunnies - you name it!). She takes commissions for portrait, conceptual or stylized art pieces. You can contact her via email.

Nessie by Kristina Driskill

My Pet Project (Redding, CA) 

Kristina Driskill creates realistic, contemporary pet paintings to provide enjoyment for the owner and to help less fortunate animals in need. 25% of the proceeds are donated to an animal shelter of your choice.