Shopping Rabbit Supplies


Supplies for Your Bunny

The following is a list of companies and products who provide quality products for pet rabbits. I have either used the products personally (or something similar). As I publish more articles and discover more items, I will add to this list.

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Rabbit Hay

2nd Cut Timothy Hay

As mentioned previously in the Hay for Rabbits section, I don't recommend purchasing hay from your local pet store. I would first try your local feed store. These stores cater to people who own horses, chickens and other farm animals. Sometimes these stores will sell a flake or two of hay; others will sell a bale only. A bale is a good deal if you have a cool, dry place to store it. It can be bagged up and placed in a garage or waterproof container. If stored properly, the hay can last for a long time.

Hay may also be purchased from a rabbit rescue. This is a way for the rescues to raise funds for their shelter rabbits. It's a good way to support a worthy cause.

Some rescues, companies and farmers may sell quality hay online. Be aware that shipping may cost more than the actual hay. 

The following feed and rescue stores are located in Southern California.

Feed Stores

  1. DaMoor's Tack and Feed (Glendale, California)
  2. Red Barn Feed and Pet (Tarzana, California location only for hay)
  3. TriKee Tack (Glendale, California)   (818)-242-4540

Rabbit Rescues

  1. BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center (North Hollywood, California)
  2. Bunny Bunch Boutique (Montclair and Fountain Valley, California)
  3. San Diego House Rabbit Society (San Diego, California) - no shipping, but hay is sold in multiple locations.


  1. BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center (US only)
  2. Amazon
  3. eBay (Farmer Dave Pet Supply) Whoppy and Oso always loved the timothy hay with clover heads.
  4. Small Pet Select  This is quality hay, but expensive if you have a lot of rabbits.
  5. American Pet Diner For exceptionally soft Mountain Grass hay. Great for bunnies with dental issues or owners with hay allergies.

Rabbit Pellets


  1. Essentials Young Rabbit Food  Good for young bunnies up to 8 months of age & pregnant and lactating mothers.
  2. Garden Select Young Rabbit Food
  3. Essentials Adult Rabbit Food
  4. Garden Select Adult Rabbit Food
  5. Bene Terra Organic Rabbit Food

Science Selective

Most rabbits love these pellets. I mix a handful with the Oxbow Essentials Adult pellets and my bunnies go crazy. How do I know they love the Science Selective? If I happen to run out, they look at their bowls of Oxbow pellets and look really sad. I use the grain-free, but have used the Adult and 4+ Mature. I discovered Science Selective too late to use the Junior Rabbit, but expect the same quality.

  1. Science Selective Supreme for Junior Rabbits
  2. Supreme Science Selective Adult Rabbit
  3. Supreme Science Selective 4+ Mature Rabbit
  4. Supreme Selective Naturals Grain Free timothy-based
  5. Supreme Selective House Rabbit Food timothy-based

Sherwood Pet Health

I have not used Sherwood, personally, but know several people who have and they love it. Their pellets are alfalfa-based, and if you decide to go with this brand, you should follow their feeding instructions. Their recommendation to eliminate veggies in the diet does cause some debate in the rabbit community.

Update: Sherwood Pet Health is now offering a timothy-based pellet. For more information on their products, visit their website.

Small Pet Select

This company produces quality hay and pellets that most rabbits  enjoy.

  1. Small Pet Select Pellets

Rabbit Treats

As discussed under Treats for Rabbits, treats can be as simple as a small piece of fresh fruit. You can also dry your own fruit to give as a treat with the help of the oven or dehydrator

Oxbow. Oxbow has a wide selection of rabbit-safe cookies. Not all rabbits will eat every variety, so see which one your bunny likes best.

Science Selective. My bunnies love the Selective Naturals Garden Sticks almost as much as the pellets. The Loops are also a big hit and come in a variety of flavors: Meadow, Country, Woodland and Berry

Small Pet Select. Some bunnies really enjoy gnawing on the Small Pet Select Hay Cubes. I would not substitute them for actual hay.

Food4Buns. Awesome local business! Using organic ingredients, they create tasty floral creations for bunnies and other small animals. Have a specific combination in mind? Reach out and speak to the owner. She will be happy to accommodate you.

Paw Kreations. Another fabulous local business! Paw Kreations makes both toys and treats for bunnies and other small animals. Only quality, organic ingredients go into their cookies and they are a big hit with the bunnies.

AshyandCC. Handmade and homegrown treats and toys. Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. Click here to shop in their Etsy store.

Buttercup's Bun Boutique. Based in San Diego, California, this owner makes both toys and treats for bunnies. A portion of proceeds are donated back to local small animal rescues.

BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center. Hands down, all the bunnies love oat groats. Oat groats are unprocessed oats and a definite fan favorite. Feed out no more than a small pinch a couple of times a week, as this treat is high in fat. 

Need a bigger bag? Check out these: 2.2lb3lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb


Exercise Pens

Exercise pens are extremely versatile. I use several to keep bunnies away from wires, bookshelves and to divide a room, so different pairs can safely exercise without getting into fights. When considering height, 36 inches or higher contains most rabbits without making it too awkward for owners to fold up and move around.

  1. Small Exercise Pen
  2. Regular Exercise Pen
  3. Large Exercise Pen
  4. Exercise Pen Cover (extremely useful if your rabbit likes to jump out of pens. This is normally a baby/young bunny problem, but some adults like to do it too).
  5. Trigger Hook Clips


  1. Ceramic Water Bowls
  2. Crock Bowl
  3. Flat Scoop Dishes
  4. Water Bottle (good for traveling or if you have a special needs bunny)

Fans and Other Essentials


          Standing Fan (16" 3D oscillating fan - super quiet)


Remember, the harder and/or more expensive the item is to replace, the more likely it will become the target of your bunny.

  1. Gates
  2. Cord Protectors
  3. Hardware Cloth
  4. Plexi-glass
  5. Storage Bins
  6. Storage Containers

Litter Boxes & Litter

Litter Boxes

  1. Corner Box
  2. Litter Boxes
  3. Cut-Out Litter Box
  4. Low-Lip Litter Box
  5. Large Litter Box

Rabbit-Safe Litter

  1. Aspen Litter (wood shavings)
  2. Pelleted Recycled Paper Litter (good at cutting down on odor)
  3. Carefresh (recycled paper - fluffy)
  4. Wood Pellets (This is kiln-dried, so harmful phenols are removed during the processing of the product)

Roxanne and Abbey


Hard-sided 2-door pet carrier

Large, collapsible pet carrier

Foldable, hard plastic carrier

Health Care

First Aid Essentials

Heating Pads

          Electric Heating Pad

          Microwavable Heating Pad (good for traveling)

          Snuggle Safe (cordless heating pad)

Digital Thermometer and Lubricants

          Digital Thermometer 

          Lubricant and skin protector


          Eye Lubrication


          Feeding Syringes (20ml)

          Irrigation Syringes (12ml)(for giving fluids orally)

          3ml Syringes (for administering medication)

          3ml Luer Lock Syringes (100 count)

          Luer Lock Syringes (60ml)

Supplemental Food

          Oxbow Critical Care (Apple/Banana flavor)

          Oxbow Critical Care (Fine Grind)

          Recovery Food by Sherwood SARx Plus for Rabbits

          Pedialyte (unflavored)

Wound Care

          Saline Wash (pressurized wash)

          Saline Solution (For nebulizer)

          Chlorhexidine Solution


          3M Vetbond Tissue Adhesive 

          Cotton Swabs

          Gauze Pads (2x2)

          Gauze Roll

          Vet Wrap


          Mini Massager

          Handheld Nebulizer (cordless)

          Portable Nebulizer 


          Sharps Container

Sleeping Poppy

Special Needs



          Profleece Bedding

          Lakeside Products

          Reversible Fleece blanket (multiple colors and patterns)

          Sherpa Fleece Blanket

          Premium Plush Sherpa Pet Blanket

          Pet bed with removable pillow


          Chenille Bathroom Rug

          Microfiber Bathroom Mat

          Interlocking Foam Mats

          LuftPets Cage Liners

          Washable Pee Pads

          Whelping Pad


          Caterpillar dog toy

          Crocodile crib pillow

Arthritis and Joint Care


          Assisi Loop




          Soy Protein

Grooming Supplies

Combs and Brushes

          Hair Buster Comb

          Double-Sided Flea Comb

          Steel Comb

          Finishing Brush

Scissors, Hair Dryer, Clippers and Replacement Blades

          Blunt-Nose Curved Scissors

          3-Pack Blunt-Nose Scissors

          Clippers (for angoras and other long-haired rabbits)

               Oster Replacement Blade (various sizes)

               Oster Replacement Blade (5/8W)

          Small Clippers - Cordless (for hard to reach places)

          Aesculap German Red Clipper

          Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo

          Handheld Hair Dryer

Nail Care

          Nail Clippers

          Nail Clippers (guillotine style)

          LED Pen Light

          Styptic Powder



          Plush Rabbit (nice for single bunnies)

Chew Toys

          Grass Mats

          Grass Balls

          Willow Ball

          Woven Grass Ball

          Activity Zone

          Willow Tube

          Willow Twigloo (Large)

          Willow Balls (5-pieces)

          Chew Rings (3-pieces)

          Chew Toy Kit (7-pieces)

          Timothy Bungalow (large)

Toss Toys

          Stackable Cups

          Plastic Keys

Bunny Hideouts

          Handmade Castle Tunnel Hideout

          Maze Haven (this toy can actually take up a lot of room) 

          Mini Maze Haven

          Cardboard House

          Tunnel Haven

          Two-Story Wooden House

          Wooden Bed

Other Companies

United States

          Binky Bunny (California)

          Bunny Bunch Boutique (California)

          House Rabbit Society Store (California)

          Napolean Bunnyparte

          PawKreations (California)

          Small Pet Select (Washington)


          For a more complete selection, check out the Rabbit Toys article!